Do you have land to sell? We would love to hear from you!

Dere Street Homes is actively seeking land, which meets the following criteria:

  • Sites of 1ha or more;
  • Brownfield sites;
  • Greenfield sites within or on the edge of a settlement with road access;
  • Land with or without planning permission;
  • Land in the North East of England and North Yorkshire, though we may consider sites further afield.
  • Land with potential for development in the short, medium and long term.


Why choose us?

Taking the decision to sell all or part of your land is a big deal. You want a company and individuals who you can trust and are comfortable working with to guide you through this process, who give you the full attention you deserve and who have years of experience bringing forward successful developments across the North East of England and Yorkshire. We believe that Dere Street Homes is well placed to fulfil this role for the following reasons:

  • We are a family-owned business, who take pride in creating pleasant places where people want to live;
  • All of our staff live within the North East of England and have worked in the region for decades. We have great relationships with local communities, consultees, landowners and suppliers and understand the differing dynamics of towns and villages across the area;
  • We are a small to medium business, which continues to grow at a sustainable rate. We are therefore selective with which projects to pursue. We undertake thorough due diligence and will only invest in sites where we think there is genuine potential to secure planning permission and develop a thriving community. As such we only focus on a small number of sites and you will get our full attention;
  • Despite being one of the smaller housebuilders we have a very knowledgeable team, with experience of promoting and developing sites between 5 to over 200 dwellings;
  • Decisions can be made quickly and without having to appease multiple parties. This also allows us to take a bespoke approach to each deal;
  • We strive for excellence and pride ourselves on always seeking to continuously improve all aspects of our business. Mistakes and errors happen, but it is how you choose to respond and learn from them, which sets you apart; and
  • Finally, we are always up for a challenge. Even if your site is not currently allocated for development, we have experience of taking non-designated sites through planning. We know that successful and sustainable developments don’t all look the same and it is for us to demonstrate to the Council and community how a new development can play an important role in complementing and supporting the sustainability of existing developments.